Poseidon Bust - Item #226

Poseidon Bust - Item #226

by The Giust Gallery $ 650.00


20 Inches High x 24 Inches Wide x 15 Inches Deep

Bust of a greater than life sized bronze statue measuring 6 feet 10 inches in height that was discovered at the bottom of the sea off cape Artemision in north Euboea. There has been some debate whether the sculpture is depicting the Greek god Zeus or Poseidon. The sculpture is dated to be from 470-450 B.C.E. The sculptor is unknown with some scholars attributing the piece to Calamis, others to Onatas of Aegina and yet others to Ageladas of Argos.


Artist: Unknown

Museum: National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece

Time Period: Greek circa 470-450 B.C.E.

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