Historic Caproni Catalogs

Owners of the Giust Gallery, world-renowned sculptor Robert Shure and Kathleen Shure, are committed, with professionalism and passion, to preserving old-world methods of individually reproducing Caproni casts.

As part of the effort to preserve the history of P. P. Caproni and Brother, we will publish available original catalogs on this website. As the online catalogs are not copyrighted, please reference the Giust Gallery as the source if you copy or use this historical material. While we are in the process of cataloging our own inventory, catalogs on the Giust Gallery casts are unfortunately quite rare. In our best effort to represent the complete body of work of P. P. Caproni, we will appreciate any information you can offer on catalogs not listed. If you have a P. P. Caproni and Brother Catalog not listed here, please contact Kathleen Shure at: orders@giustgallery.com

Enjoy this historical journey.

1911 Catalog

237 pages (3 separate files) - PDF

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Download Part 3

Cyrus Dallin Catalog

8 Pages - PDF

Last Printed Giust Gallery Catalog

75 Pages - PDF

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