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Caproni Casts for Sculpture Study, Part Three

by Lisa Benson on October 19, 2016   |  0 Comments

Albert Toft Recommended Studying Casts along with Nature “This confidence is an all-important factor in the student’s progress, as he should not start by being timid if he means to be a modeler or sculptor, but must make up his mind to battle.” – Albert Toft Like Putnam and Lanteri, sculptor and author Albert Toft had an appreciation for the features of David as a good starting place for the student’s study. He explains why they’re helpful for study in Modelling and Sculpture, A Guide to Traditional Methods: "These can be obtained heroic in size, and are the best things..

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Caproni Casts for Sculpture Study, Part Two

by Lisa Benson on May 20, 2016   |  0 Comments

A Look at The Sculptor’s Way: A Guide to Modelling and Sculpture by Brenda Putnam   “The sculptor, as a poet, must have a wide vocabulary to choose from if he hopes to find the significant word that will attract and hold the attention of his hearers.” –Brenda Putnam   In The Sculptor’s Way, Putnam addresses a certain readership from the start: “The later and more advanced chapters will probably be most useful to a rather special class of student: namely, the girl sculptor. She has, as yet, no way (except possibly through expensive private lessons) of augmenting her art..

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Caproni Casts for Sculpture Study, Part One

by Lisa Benson on May 12, 2016   |  0 Comments

A Look at Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure by Eduoard Lanteri Take care not to use the tool too much; it will prevent you from acquiring suppleness of the hand and from developing a fine touch … only use the wooden tool in places where the finger cannot get in.”  – Edouard Lanteri   If you flip through the clay-stained pages of Lanteri’s Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure, you’ll understand why it’s held an important place on our bookshelf. Though the original work is now over a hundred years old*, we still find great value in the timeless..

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The Stories and the People, Part 1: Caproni

by Robert Shure on August 07, 2015   |  11 Comments

Plaster Casters Plaster reproductions of classical sculpture were once an integral educational tool in teaching people classical history in the United States. Casts were widely used in museums, public buildings, and schools. Casters, through the ages, have played an important role in the creation and reproductions of sculptures. Aside from studios that made copies of classical or Renaissance works, the accomplished caster worked side by side with the great sculptors of originals. He could make a masterpiece remain a masterpiece or in a short time he could potentially ruin many months of sculpting. The casters’ challenge would be to pour..

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