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Zeus and the Giants (Reduction and Restoration) - Item #12

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13 Inches High x 18 Inches Wide x 3 Inches Deep

A replication of a fragment restored by P. P. Caproni & Brother to match the original design of the frieze from the Altar of Zeus. It depicts mighty Zeus, king of the Gods, fighting the Giants. Zeus is seen hurling a thunderbolt at a serpent-legged Porphyrion (far right) while two other giants are falling to the ground upon being struck by Zeus. Zeus's mighty eagle is seen at his left hand. The sculptures from the Altar that are still extant are in the reconstruction of the Altar at the Pergamon Museum.


Artist: Unknown

Museum: Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Origin: The Great Altar of Zeus, Pergamon

Time Period: Ancient Greek - Hellenistic, 166-156 B.C.E.

1911 Catalog ID # - 8054



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