Laocoon Reduction Figure - Item #775

Laocoon Reduction Figure - Item #775

by The Giust Gallery $ 550.00


14 Inches High x 11 Inches Wide x 9.75 Inches Deep

This is a reduction model created by sculptor Ndricim Bejko, who works for Skylight Studios and The Giust Gallery/Caproni Collection. He created it with reference to an original full-size Caproni cast of Laocoon.

The Trojan priest Laocoon from the group Laocoon and his sons, circa 175-50 B.C.E. The group represents a scene described in Virgil's Aenid. The Trojan priest Laocoon and his sons are set upon by serpents at Poseidon's command as punishment for Laocoon warning the Trojans against the wooden horse. The group was discovered on January 14, 1506 during an excavation in a vineyard of Felice Fredi at "Sette Sale" on the Esquiline hill in Rome.


Artist: Hagesandros, Athanadoros and Polydoros of Rhodes

Museum: Pio Clementine Museum, Vatican City

Time Period: Greek

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