Decorative Sculpture

Decorative Sculpture

"The quality of a reproduction is of the greatest importance. In an original work of merit there is a subtleness of treatment- a certain feeling which, if captured in reproduction, places the finished piece within the realm of art itself."

- Pietro Caproni, 1911

Beautiful Sculpture Reproductions

The most faithful sculptural reproductions start with the best molds. Over one hundred years ago, master mold maker Pietro Caproni took many of his molds directly from original works of art in famous European Museums. The molds we use today molds came directly from Caproni's earliest casts. Ours replicas are simply the closest to the originals you can purchase today.


World Class Casting

Our casting and finishing techniques have been passed down from generations, straight from Caproni himself. High quality reproductions start with great molds but come to life with world class artisans hand casting each and every piece. And only the finest materials are used to cast and finish our reproductions.


A True Work of Art

When you display a Caproni cast, you're displaying more than a reproduction; you're displaying a work of art.


The Perfect Reproduction for any Interior

Our collection features the most accurate reproductions from some of the most famous sculptors of all time. Michealangelo, Donatello, Houdan, Chester French, Thorvaldsen and many more.

From small replicas of famous statues to large copies of many well-known and revered works of art, there is a work of art for every situation.


Designers & Venues That Display Caproni Sculpture

Interiors Design firms and notable venues all across the world display our decorative sculpture reproductions, including;

The Giust Gallery

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