Caproni Appraisal

World renowned sculptor Robert Shure has been associated with Giust Gallery, home of the 'original' Caproni Collection for more than 15 years. How to tell if you own a vintage Caproni cast? There is a brass tag at the bottom of each piece.

Although not a certified member of the International Fine Art Appraisers, Robert Shure's vast experience comes from being the present owner of the Giust Gallery/Caproni Collection. Because of this, he has an astute awaresness of many values relative to the sale of plasters originally made by the Caproni Collection, as well as knowing the values of replacement costs. With this in mind, he will provide his best educated opinion of value but this is not a guarantee that the work would sell for any specific amount if placed for sale.

His services would identify the reproduction, provide any information known about the original, and project replacement value as well as an estimate of its antique value.

Appraisal service is available for $125.00 per hour. Send a clear picture of the cast, a picture of the tag, and any identifying name on cast to Giust Gallery ~ Attention: Appraisal. You can send the request by email or snail mail.

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