• Charles Darwin - Item #722

    $ 725.00 Busts
      26 Inches High x 18 Inches Wide x 12 Inches Deep A simplified view of Darwin by Boston- and Providence-based artist Jane Nye Hammond (1857-1901). Charles Darwin is the famed naturalist and geologist who made significant contr...
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  • Christopher Columbus (Reduction) - Item #779

    $ 250.00 Busts
      15.75 Inches High x 8.5 Inches Wide x 6.5 Inches Deep Reduction of Item #781.   Artist: Antonio Canova Museum: Musei Capitolini, Rome Time Period: Neoclassical
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  • Christopher Columbus - Item #781

    $ 725.00 Busts
      26 Inches High x 16 Inches Wide x 12 Inches Deep   Artist: Antonio Canova Museum: Musei Capitolini, Rome Time Period: Neoclassical 1911 Catalog ID # - 5440
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  • Cicero - Item #127

    $ 420.00 Busts
      18 Inches High x 12 Inches Wide x 10 Inches Deep It is unknown whether this head is indeed a portrait of Cicero. The Uffizi Gallery and scholars identified it as such for a time, and then thought it was a portrait of Corbulon...
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  • Dante Alighieri - Item #128

    $ 280.00 Busts
      15 Inches High Believed to be from a mold made from life.   Artist: Unknown Museum: National Archaeological Museum, Naples Origin: Life Cast Time Period: Medieval-Gothic 1911 Catalog ID # - 5166
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  • David Full-Size Bust - Item #99

    $ 3,200.00 Busts
      53 Inches High x 32 Inches Wide x 28 Inches Deep Bust from the sculpture of David designed for the city of Florence which was intended as one of the buttresses of Florence Cathedral. The original sculpture stands over 13 feet...
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  • David Reduction Bust - Item #96

    $ 1,550.00 Busts
      26 Inches High x 15.5 Inches Wide x 19 Inches Deep This is a reduction model created by sculptor Ndricim Bejko, who works for Skylight Studios and The Giust Gallery/Caproni Collection. He created it with reference to an origi...
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  • Diana of Versailles - Item #166

    $ 790.00 Busts
      29 Inches High x 19 Inches Wide x 11 Inches Deep From the full size statue.   Artist: Unknown Museum: Louvre Museum, Paris Time Period: Greek 1911 Catalog ID # - 4015
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  • Diana Robing Bust - Item #408

    $ 480.00 Busts
      20 Inches High x 17 Inches Wide x 10 Inches Deep Bust from Item #220. The statue is a Roman copy of a Greek original. It is also known as Diana of Gabii or Artemis of Gabii due to where it was discovered, and is attributed to...
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  • Discobolos (Reduction) - Item #84

    $ 100.00 Busts
      8 Inches High x 3.5 Inches Wide x 4 Inches Deep Attributed to Myron, 5th century B.C.E. From a bronze statue in the Palazzo, Lancellotti, Rome.   Artist: Attributed to Myron Museum: Unknown Origin: The Palazzo Lancellotti, Ro...
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  • Discobolos - Item #169

    $ 360.00 Busts
      17 Inches High x 7 Inches Wide x 10 Inches Deep   Artist: Unknown Museum: Vatican Museums, Vatican City Time Period: Greek
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  • Dying Captive - Item #102

    $ 460.00 Busts
      24 Inches High Part of a pair of figures that was commissioned by Pope Julius II to adorn his tomb. Unfortunately, due to the pope's untimely death the tomb was not completed. Circa 1513.   Artist: Michelangelo Museum: Musee ...
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